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Summer Classes

D'Air Dance Collective Presents

Ready to move? We offer in-person Summer Classes in a range of levels and styles, suitable for many different ages and skill levels. All are taught in a friendly, welcoming environment.


What are you waiting for? Get in touch to secure your spot today!

Class Details 

Our summer session runs for 8 weeks from July 2nd, 2024- August 26th, 2024. Please take note of a Civic Holiday Closure on August 5th, 2024. There will be no class on this day.




Your 1-time payment covers all 8 weeks!

Recreational (Ages 4+, 60 min)

1 Class/Week - NOW ONLY $159.99+HST

2 Classes/Week - NOW ONLY $189.99+HST

*Combo Class (90 Min) - NOW ONLY $169.99+HST


Preschool (Ages 2-3 Yrs, 45 min)

1 Class/Week - NOW ONLY $119.99+HST

2 Classes/Week - NOW ONLY $142.49+HST

*Combo Class (60 Min) - NOW ONLY $129.99+HST

Add a third class for $30+HST

*Combo class refers to combination class with 3 dance styles

Class Schedule

Our classes are divided by age and skill level. We have two spacious studios equipped for dancers to learn in the best facilities. View the Summer schedule here

Primary (4-5 years old)


  • Tuesdays 5PM: Primary Ballet/Acro

  • Fridays 5:45-7:15PM: Primary Ballet/Jazz/Acro 

  • Saturdays 10-11AM: Pre-Primary Ballet

  • Saturdays 11AM-12PM: Primary Hip Hop/Acro

Four Valley

  • Mondays 6-7PM: Primary Hip Hop/Jazz

Ballerinas Stretching

​Preschool (2-3 years old)


  • Tuesdays 5-5:45PM: Little Stars Ballet

  • Fridays 5-5:45PM: Tumble Tots

  • Saturdays 9-10AM: Little Funky Stars (Ballet/Hip Hop/Tumble Tots)

Four Valley

  • Mondays 5-6PM: Little Funky Stars (Ballet/Hip Hop/Tumble Tots)

  • Saturdays 9-9:45AM: Little Stars Ballet

  • Saturdays 9:45-10:30AM: Funkytown Tumblers (Hip Hop/Tumble Tots)

Mini (6-8 years old)



  • Wednesdays 5PM: Mini Acro 

  • Wednesdays 6PM: Mini Hip Hop 

  • Saturdays 9AM: Mini Ballet

  • Saturdays 10AM: Mini Acro

  • Saturdays 11AM: Mini Jazz


Four Valley

  • Tuesdays 5PM: Mini Jazz

  • Tuesdays 6PM: Mini Ballet

Junior/Intermediate (9+)


  • Wednesdays 5PM: Junior/Inter Tap

  •  Wednesdays 6PM: Junior/Inter Jazz

  • Wednesdays 7PM: Junior/Inter Acro

Four Valley

  • Tuesdays 6PM: Junior/Inter Hip Hop

  • Tuesdays 7PM: Junior/Inter Contemporary

Full Schedule

Summer Classes 24-1.png
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