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Dance Classes & Programs in Vaughan

With a great range of dance styles, from ballet to acro, we offer competitive & recreational for all styles of dance and ages!


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Our Preschool Program is geared towards children ages 2-3 years old, in 1 hr time slots. The students will begin to learn the structure of a class room setting by following along, getting creative and

building confidence! Within the hour, they will have the opportunity to experience  different dance styles: ballet, jazz, hip hop and tap! With these classes, they will develop coordination, listening skills, and musicality!

Our preschool curriculum has been designed by our very own artistic director, Jessica Mannara!

Little Stars

Little stars is a creative ballet class, where dancers will learn the basics of ballet, while also having the opportunity to explore creative movements! There is lots of time in this class to gain an understanding of ballet foundations, while also busting a move to Disney music! Ballet has never been so fun! 


Level 1 is suitable for 2-2.5 year olds

Level 2 is suitable for 3-4 year olds

Funky Town Combo

In our Funky Town Combination class, dancers will learn both hip hop and tap! The first half of the class will be dedicated to funky moves to upbeat music, while the second class introduces fancy footwork for tap!

Level 1 is suitable for 2 year olds

Level 2 is suitable for 3 year olds



We offer a fun educational environment in our recreational programs, where our students engage in a healthy life style and self expression.

Students will be put into classes based on age and skill level:

Preschool: Ages 2-3

Primary: Ages 4-5

Mini: Ages 6-8

Junior: Ages 9-11

Intermediate: Ages 12-14

Senior: Ages 15-17

Adult: 18+

D'Air Dance Collective offers various of styles to our recreational teams, including: Tap, ballet, jazz, acro, musical theatre, hiphop, lyrical and contemporary. 

Classes run once a week for 1 hour from September-June, leading up to our year-end recital!




We carry our competitive team with great passion, all around the GTA. Our competitive team will learn the value of healthy competition and observe their personal, mental and physical growth - from beginners to experts!

D'Air Dance Collective competes in various dance styles including Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Acro, Open, Contemporary, Modern, Hip Hop, Lyrical and Musical Theatre.


Participation in D'Air Dance Collective's competitive programs are by audition and acceptance only. Placement in a competitive company is based on the dancer’s ability, style, age and attitude in class. 


Students wishing to audition for D'Air Dance Collective competitive program must call 416-939-7610.

At D'Air Dance Collective we offer three different competitive programs:



The Pre-Competitive Company is a transitional company for students whose goal is to compete in the upcoming seasons however students require further technical training.


Part-Time Competitive

The Part-Time Competitive Company is designed for dancers who would like to compete in dance however they can only spend minimal time at the studio training each week

Full-Time Competitive

The Full-Time Competitive Company is designed for serious dancers. Students will dance a minimum of six hours per week in a full time company (the number of hours increases as the level of training increases).

Interested in joining our competitive team?

Image by Charles Deluvio



Bring the Studio to Your Home


We offer virtual classes 5 days a week! All of our in-person classes are offered virtually via Zoom for dancers who are cautious of COVID-19, but don't want to miss out on dance classes! 

Ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, acro and hip hop classes are available for dancers ages 4 and up!

Hybrid Class Integration

Our virtual classes are integrated with our in-person classes to ensure that all dancers, whether at home or in the studio, have the opportunity to have social interaction and be part of a community of friends.