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COVID-19 Safety Procedures and Policies


COVID-19 Procedures and Policies


We have 2 spacious studios, with 6 ft squares laid out on the floor to ensure safe distancing during classes. The studios are fogged with a disinfecting agent between every class, with the fan turned on to increase air circulation. 

Living through a pandemic can be difficult, but we are committed to making sure all of our dancers, families and staff are protected while dancing at our studio! We have implemented many safety procedures against COVID-19, so every parent can feel safe bringing their kids to dance. 

Clean, Spacious Facilities


We have a number of new safety rules and procedures put in place to protect our dancers and families:

  • Mandatory masks in common areas

  • Temperature checks at the door

  • Separate drop-off and pick-up door (enter at Unit 6, exit at Unit 5)

  • Disinfecting and sanitation of studios and equipment between classes

  • Face shield worn by teachers

  • Hand sanitation before and after class

  • Parents are not permitted to wait in the studio to limit the number of bodies in the building

  • Change rooms are CLOSED, dancers must arrive dressed

Below is a video outlining our safety procedures:

Safety Procedures

COVID-19 Policies

There are many dancers who come to the studio every day, and it is our priority to keep them safe.


If you are feeling sick, or have come into contact with someone who has/is suspected to have COVID-19, please notify the studio immediately and DO NOT come to the studio.


If you have to miss class because you are ill, we are more than happy to set you up for a virtual class instead, so you can still enjoy dance while you're at home!

If you are sick, or are unsure if you should come to class,

please contact us at 905-553-7610 or