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 Ballet Dance Classes in Vaughan

 Ballet Dance Classes in Vaughan

Contrary to what most people think, ballet classes are for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re an adult beginner or a seasoned dancer. In fact, even toddlers can join our in our dance studio & classes are in Vaughan. Ballet is the fundamental dance form we all need to develop coordination and technique we need to gain the strength to accomplish our inclass tasks. We also offer virtual classes as part of our efforts to practice social distancing due to the current pandemic. 

Who Can Join?

Regardless of your age or ability, D’Air offers tailored ballet classes for age and level of our students at our Vaughan studio. 

Start ‘em young! Our ballet classes for toddlers will provide a fun and exciting environment where our child-friendly instructors get kids started in learning a graceful and creative dance. Ballet is a great way for children to express themselves elegantly through dance. It’s never too late to learn ballet. We offer adult beginner classes at our dance studio & classes are tailored to teaching adults the fundamentals of ballet. Our Class levels are as follows:

 Preschool Ballet – Ages 2-3 
 Preschool Ballet 2 – Ages 3-4 
 Pre -Primary Ballet – Ages 4-5 
 Primary Ballet – Ages 5-6 
 Grade 1 Ballet – Ages 7-8 
 Grade 2 Ballet – Ages  9-10 
 Grade 3 Ballet – Ages 11-12
 Grade 4 Ballet – Ages 13-14 
 Intermediate Foundation  - Ages 14-15 
 Intermediate – Ages 15-16 
 Advanced 1 - Ages 16-17 
 Advanced 2 – Ages 17-18 

Fee Structure

We have a variety of class packages to suit every family's needs! Please contact or 905-553-7610 for more information!

Benefits of Joining Ballet Dance Classes

Ballet classes are good for you! It lets everyone—from adult beginners to toddlers—develop athletic ability and mental focus, both of which will be useful throughout life. It may even enhance your communication and social skills as you make new friends in a relaxing and fun environment. Ballet also teaches grace and elegance, which is proven to radiate confidence in any career path your child wishes to follow. 

Ballet Examinations

Our ballet dancers study under the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus. RAD is one of the most recognized syllabi internationally and helps dancers train towards professional development. It is a highly prestigious syllabus that is used in many pre-professional ballet schools and studios. Completing exams is a huge milestone for dancers. 


Each week our ballet dancers practice a set syllabus of ballet exercises to hone skills, technique, and artistry. They work on these exercises for the entire year, working towards their ballet exam.


Although it is highly recommended, ballet exams are optional and not mandatory.


What to Expect during a Ballet Exam


At the end of the year, exam candidates will be taken off-site and put in front of an examiner in groups of 3. Each group will perform the syllabus work that they have been working on in class all year, in a class-length assessment. Parents will not be permitted inside the exam room.  



The examiner will assess each dancer in a number of areas and give them a mark based on how they performed. There are different distinctions given to dancers who achieve higher marks, with the highest being "distinction" for 75 and up. Successful candidates who pass their exams will move on to the next grade the following year!


Why Choose Us? 

D’Air dance studio & classes are unlike others in Vaughan. Here, passions come to life as we instill hard work ethic and determination in our students. Your child won’t just learn how to dance—they will also pick up valuable skills and lessons that you can use throughout your life. We provide a positive and professional learning environment that is safe and conducive for personal growth on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level. 

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