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 Ballet Dance Classes in Vaughan

Tap Dance Classes in Vaughan

Can't keep your legs and feet still? Get moving in tap class!

Tap Dance

Tap is a fun, energetic and challenging dance style suitable for everybody! You can start as young as 2 years old, or later as an adult! Tap dancing is great for those looking to improve coordination, strength, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning. In this class, you will build strength and flexibility in the hips, legs, feet and ankles. In addition, tap dancers are highly skilled and have a keen sense of rhythm and musicality. What are you waiting for? Let's get tapping!

Who Can Join?

Everyone is welcome to join and sign up for classes at our dance studio in Vaughan! Here are the levels and ages groups we offer tap classes to: 

Pre-School Tap – Ages 2-3

Primary Tap - Ages 4-5
Mini Tap – Ages 6-8
Junior Tap – Ages 9-11 
Intermediate Tap – Ages 12-14 

Senior Tap – Ages 15-17

Fee Structure

We have a variety of class packages to suit every family's needs! Please contact or 905-553-7610 for more information!

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