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Studio Culture

Introducing your child to a new social environment can sometimes feel like the most daunting decision in the world. Will they like it here? Will they make friends? Will the instructors be welcoming to a new face? So, it is important to get to know the organization and their objectives prior to dedicating yourself to them, to relieve yourself of these restless uncertainties that can cloud your brain.

Luckily, studio director Jessica Mannara has developed D’Air Dance Collective’s core values for her students and faculty, holding these values fundamental in the management of the everyday studio life. The core values are like the mantra of the studio, every student, parent and teacher will come to know these values whether through the writings on the wall or by living them each day that they are in the studio. Miss Jessica built D’Air off of these values, devoting herself to ensuring DDC is known for practicing what they preach.

So what are these values? They are the characteristics that make a mindfully strong and all around successful dancer, through a familial environment that promotes healthy learning. BE DETERMINED. Show strength and perseverance. When the going gets tough, push through. Miss Jessica and her team promise you won’t regret it. BE ACCEPTING. There is power in teamwork. Every single person who walks through the doors at DDC brings a unique piece of themselves to the D’Air family. Acceptance is key. BE INSPIRING. Everyone can learn from one another. Motivating and encouraging each other can only result in being the truest form of oneself, in turn, inspiring a love for dance incomparable to any other. BE RESILIENT. To be human is to face hardships. With support and love from a team like the one D’Air Dance Collective has grown to be, you can withstand anything.

With a foundation like this, it is no question that D’Air Dance Collective has built a family-friendly, welcoming atmosphere for all. While training students to be confident and accomplished dancers is the main focus, burgeoning positive and healthy relationships - whether through student friendships or student-teacher mentorships - is inevitable.




Valeria Nunziato is a dance writer who began her journey in the world of dance at the age of four. Training in a range of dance styles from ballet to tap, Valeria continued her professional career in dance graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honours from York University’s Dance Studies program. More recently, Valeria completed a Masters of English Degree at Ryerson University, and has published works with Toronto’s dance magazine The Dance Current as well as for the National Ballet of Canada. Valeria has been a dance instructor and choreographer for over five years and continues to expand her knowledge in the dance scene by remaining an active member of the Vaughan and Toronto arts communities.

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