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This year we have incorporated uniforms at D'Air Dance Collective as part of our studio routine. We believe that uniforms instil discipline, responsibility and unity. It is our policy that students arrive prepared for class in uniform. If not, they will be asked to sit out.

Thank you.

Ballet Dresscode

Tiny Movers / Primary(2-6):

Pink Leotard (Brand of any kind) 

Pink Tights - Sold in Studio 

Pink Ballet Canvas -Revolution - Sold in studio 

Grade 1-6(Ages 7-12):

Leotard Style # condor 3546 Colour RR

Pink tights (Sold in studio)

Capezio Full Sole Pink Shoes #212C 

Character Shoes #So314- Black cuban Heel

Intermediate Foundation - Advanced 1 (Ages 13+)

Navy Princess style leotard

Pink tights (Sold in studio)

Soft Block Ballet Shoes 

Pointe Shoes (fit best to dancer) 

Dresscode for Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, & Acro

All Age Groups

Black tank top or leotard

black shorts

Jazz Shoes: So Danca #JZ43  Black

Tap Shoes:  T9500C Black 

Contemporary and Acro: Barefoot

Dresscode for Hiphop

All Age Groups

Black tank top

Black track pants

Non-scuffing white sole shoes 

What do you D'Air to be?

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